Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...OH MY!!!

Lions, and tigers, and bears, OH MY!!! I have pondered this topic for some time now and have finally decided to write about it. Why do people have mounds of stuffed animals in the back window of their car? I see this all day long as I drive around town. Civics with a tough looking driver piled high with cheetahs, leopards, and bears. Acuras with spinning rims stuffed to the brim with bears, elephants, and giraffes. Why is this? Are the animals protecting you? Do you collect stuffed animals? If so, why not keep them at home? At first, I thought maybe these were for kids to play with. WRONG...no kids in site. These animals are clearly being held hostage in adult's cars. Like I said these are people who look menacing; yet, their back windows are filled with an assortment of lions, and tigers, and bears...OH MY!!! Perhaps, having a collection of stuffed animals displayed in the back of your car is some sort of status symbol. The more you have, the tougher you are. I am curious as to how people see out of their car when there are so many animals piled in the back window...this could account for the number of accidents along Atlanta roads every day. I thought this was possibly just an Atlanta thing, but I saw this quite frequently when I lived in Charleston. I just want to know why.

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