Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go VOTE today!

Today is the first Tuesday in November which means...it is Election Day! Do your part as an engaged, responsible citizen and go vote.  I don't care what all you have going on today...get out there and VOTE people.  There isn't much that irks me more than people who complain about our government and/or laws, but who do not vote.  That is ignorance at its finest. 

The last time Georgia had a gubernatorial election in 2006, 48% of registered voters cast their vote for governor.  Let's rock the polls this year!  Don't know who to vote for?  Go online and do your research; the candidates make it easy for us to understand their basic stance on major issues. 

Think your vote doesn't count?  IT DOES.  Recent presidential elections have proven that every vote counts, so go vote today.  It is not only your right, but it is also your responsibility.  People in other countries have died or been badly hurt when trying to cast their vote in what was not even a fair election.  We have the privilege to cast our vote in a safe place where our vote WILL be counted, so please go vote today. 

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