Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Share your leftovers

We all know how I feel about leftovers; I try not to throw away any food if I can.  I went to my friend's annual Oscars' party Sunday night, and she made sure to send some leftovers home with each guest.  Why throw away perfectly good food when someone else can enjoy it?

The next time you have a party, go green by sending leftover food home with your guests.  If you don't want the leftovers, take them to your office.  Trust me, people will eat whatever you bring in.  I was quite popular on Monday when I brought in the leftovers cupcakes, mini pies, and cookies from Sunday's party. 

Too often, I see people throw away food, and it pains me so much.  I've also watched people dig through trashcans searching for someone else's leftovers.  Don't be the guy/girl who throws away food that someone else could eat.  Pass it on to someone who will gladly eat it. 

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