Monday, June 27, 2011

My Italian Holiday: Part 2

I hope all of you enjoyed reading My Italian Holiday: Part 1 last week.  Now, for round two of my amazing Italian adventure.

We headed to Vomero and downtown Napoli in Limone, Katie and Andrew's small, yellow, Italian car.  I heart Limone.  If you have ever driven in Europe, I'm sure you noticed how aggressive the drivers are there.  Katie was a pro!  Seriously, she should consider a career in race car driving.  Molto bene mia sorella!
Downtown Napoli is extremely cray cray...there are people everywhere, tons of sights to see, and cars/scooters zipping by you.  The view of the Bay of Naples is quite spectacular.
I'm not sure of the name of the next few buildings, 
but they are all lovely.  
 Super cool old castle on the water.
 Loved this huge government building.  
It reminds me of Il Vittoriano in the Piazza Venezia
(my favorite building in Roma.)
 I'm pretty sure this is the opera house. 
I absolutely LOVED the outdoor market in had everything from fresh produce and locally caught seafood to shoes, jewelry, and clothes.

 What a great reminder to go green and eat local whenever you can.  I wish that Atlanta had amazing daily markets like they do in Europe.
 We finished the day with a delicious lunch of fresh veggies, 
bread with olive oil, and wine.  


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Oh, the outdoor market looks like heaven! I want to go!