Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Organize away

As the seasons change, now is the time to clean out your closet.  Go green by going through each item to determine if you want to keep it, repair it, or give it away.  Your "trash" could be someone else's treasure.  I highly recommend organizing your closet by category and then again by color.  This might be a bit much for some, but I promise that it makes getting ready SO much easier.  I even have subcategories such as casual dresses and work/formal dresses.

Organizing your wardrobe is beneficial for many reasons.  You streamline your wardrobe by getting rid of what you don't wear, and you can figure out what you can still wear that needs repair.  (My general rule of thumb is that I get rid of an item if I haven't worn it in the past year.)  You also give back by donating your gently used items to someone who will treasure them.  You'll be surprised how organizing your closet and pairing down your wardrobe gives a whole new light to what you already own.  How do you organize your closet?

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Mary Ann said...

I cleaned out my closet (thoroughly) for the first time in a few years. I have over five bags of clothing for Goodwill, one bag to donate to the dance company and picked out lots of things for my blog sale. My closet is so much less packed now, haha!