Thursday, February 18, 2010

Congratulations to the happy couple!

I would like to congratulate my brother Andrew and my new sister-in-law Katie on their recent marriage! As both a bridesmaid and the sister of the groom, it was an extremely special weekend for me as I watched my brother marry one of my friends. The entire weekend was filled with lovely memories that I will never forget. I got to spend time with family and friends, and I am still on Cloud Nine from all of the love that I felt over the weekend.

The rehearsal dinner and wedding reception were some of the most fun events I have ever attended! Being that I formerly worked for a wedding planner, and that I am a professional bridesmaid, I have been to a LOT of weddings. This one was by far one of the most special and joyous weddings I have ever seen! The ceremony and reception were held at Vines Mansion in Loganville which was decked out with candles and peach and white flowers.

Katie looked absolutely stunning in a Grecian inspired gown complete with sparkly silver stilettos and jewelry. Andrew could not have looked more handsome dressed in his Choker Whites. Guests sipped on Georgia Peaches (a speciality cocktail the bride concocted) and dined on Southern fare such as mac and cheese, chicken fingers, and green beans. Katie's cake was a delicious red velvet, and they served peach cobbler a la mode in lieu of a groom's cake. Everyone danced the night away to music performed by an amazing live band. I think we were all Dancing Queens by the end of the evening!

Some of the most memorable moments from the weekend were the speeches. As the best man, my dad spoke at both the rehearsal dinner and the reception. Who knew a CPA could be so funny? Leno, Letterman, and the rest of the gang better hope their contracts get renewed because there's a new comedian in town :) Corri English, Katie's sister and Maid of Honor, sang a beautiful song she had written for the occasion. Since Corri is a professional musician, I'm hoping it will be on iTunes soon. Her words were funny, poignant, and so incredibly sweet. Andrew's best friend, Mike O'Reilly, deployed recently and was unable to be there for the wedding. His wife and Andrew's dear friend, Rachael O'Reilly, read a speech that Mike had prepared. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house while she did so. We love you and miss you Mike!

Despite the snow and unusually cold weather, the weekend could not have been more perfect. The bride and groom are currently on their honeymoon in the Keys and upon their return will continue to reside in Norfolk, VA where they are stationed. I have no doubt that their lives will be blessed with happiness, laughter, and unending love. I am incredibly honored to have been a part of something so special and dear to my heart. I love you brother and sister! Congratulations.


Barbara Roy said...

Oh my.....the tears of joy are flowing again as I read my sweet daughter's comments about the wedding events of this past weekend.....another walk down memory lane of great happiness not just for Katie and Andrew but for both families as well!

JenniferB said...

Very sweet - they will love reading this recap of their weekend. Part of what made it so special was that it was so "them" - all the little details they thought of allowed their personalities to shine through. Very fun!

Shirlyn said...

What a nice tribute to the weekend! The event was everything we could have hoped for and more! Welcome to the family.