Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 Minutes at Disco Kroger

It's amazing what can happen in just 20 minutes at a grocery store.  There I was, trying to mind my own business at Disco Kroger.  All I wanted to do was redbox a movie and buy some groceries.  The following 3 things happened while I was there:

1) As I strolled up to the redbox machine, some guy in his car started whistling at me.  I ignored him and kept walking.  He then proceeded to say things like "Hey baby, hey sweetheart, look over here" in a very obnoxious manner.  I was outraged when he then started honking his horn at me!  Like I would respond to that when I was clearly ignoring him to the best of my ability.  Men/boys of the world: If a girl/woman does not respond to your cat calls and pleas to look at you, you will not win her over by honking your horn at her.  Just some advice from me to you. 

2) While scrolling through movies at the redbox, a mom and her three kids walked up.  They started looking at all the movies listed to the right of the machine as I selected my movie.  I cringed when the daughter started talking about how she wanted to see Dear John.  The girl looked to be about 10 years old, and I don't think this movie is in any way appropriate for a girl of this age.  At one point, the mom turned to me and asked me if I had seen it and if it would be okay for kids to watch.  (The other kids were boys and were probably 8 and 7 or 6).  I said, "Well, it is a good movie that YOU would enjoy, but I don't think it would be appropriate for kids to watch."  She said, "Oh okay.  So, you mean there is some violence and S-E-X in it?"  (Yes, she spelled out sex.  Classic.)  I replied, "Yes, exactly."  She continued her inquiry by asking how many S-E-X scenes are in the movie.  WHAT?  So, one sex scene is okay, but multiple sex scenes are not?  Oh my.  I let her know that there were a few sex scenes in it and some violence and re-iterated my opinion that her kids should not watch the movie.  I was appalled when she glared at me and seemed quite offended that I was letting her know that movie was inappropriate for kids to watch.  Why did she even bother asking me?  As if!

3) I made it through Kroger with no problems and thought I was home free until I pulled my cart up to check out.  There were three people working the register, yet none of them acknowledged me, and they continued their lively conversation.  This is what I overheard:

Kels, the cashier: "I can't wait to go on vacation."
Kels' friend: "Where you goin girl?"
Kels: "I'm going down to Panama with my boo."
Other friend: "Oh, girl.  No, you didn't."
Kels: "Yeah, girl.  It's on.  I might not even come back to Kroger.  In fact, I might throw some deuces at Kroger."

Kels then proceeded to flash the number 2 sign with both hands and kind of dance around.  What does this even mean?  Throwing deuces?  Anyone?  Bueller?  I guess I was glad that the three "ladies" weren't really talking to me, although it was quite infuriating to be ignored by them and made to feel like I was inconveniencing them. 

I don't think I could get out of Kroger and into my car any faster.  I mean, really?  Can't a girl just redbox a movie and buy some groceries in peace? 


Brett P said...

Sounds like quite an adventure.

Missy-Barb said...

OK so what's Disco Kroger??? Love #2 & #3!!!!