Monday, June 7, 2010

Think vintage

The older I get the more I am getting into vintage clothing, household items, and accessories. When I was younger, everything had to be brand new, never been used or worn before. Now, I am seeing the beauty in something that isn't necessarily new, but something that is new to me. I encourage you to go green by checking out some local vintage stores to see what hidden treasures you might find. I really enjoy going to vintage stores when I travel. There's just something exotic and almost romantic about doing so. I love it when the shop owner tells me the story behind a certain item. Even if the story isn't 100% true, I still like to pretend it is. What are your favorite vintage stores? One of the things I like most about buying vintage items is that they are one of a kind. The older an item is, the less likely it is that someone else out there will have it as well. Be unique and think vintage.

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