Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Earth Day week!

Happy Earth Day week friends! In honor of Earth Week, I want to encourage all of you to commit to taking small, easy steps to greener living.  Take a look back at my previous go green blogs and see what you can do to help make this world a cleaner, better, and healthier place.  It is our responsibility to take care of the beautiful planet on which we live.  Let's stop abusing it. 

In case you need a reminder, here you go:

1) Walk or bike to work if you can
2) Carpool with friends when you are all going to the same place
3) Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
4) Think of creative ways to use leftover food instead of throwing it away
5) Donate old books to the library
6) Swap magazines with friends
7) Open windows and doors instead of turning on the air conditioner
8) Put plants in every room of your house to remove toxins in the air
9) Support local farmers and restaurants who buy from them
10) Adopt a pet from your local animal shelter instead of buying one from a breeder
11) Use a BPA free water bottle in lieu of buying bottled water
12) Check out vintage stores for clothing, books, and other items
13) Buy natural products (that don't contain polluting chemicals) from brands such as Method and Tom's of Maine
14) Do all your errands in one trip and map your route accordingly
15) Eat less meat and more fresh fruits and vegetables
16) Carry reusable bags instead of plastic bags
17) Bring a coffee mug to your favorite coffee shop
18) Better yet, make your coffee at home

Fortunately, this list could go on and on.  Please send me your favorite green living tips and ideas.

Most importantly, remember this:

Reduce, Reuse, THEN Recycle.

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