Monday, November 23, 2009

The Leftover Dilemma

Today's go green tip has to do with Thanksgiving :) When I think of this day, I picture a table overflowing with food, and people stuffed to the brim with their favorite dishes. I also envision leftovers eventually being thrown away because too much food had been prepared. Let's all strive to make a conscious effort this year to cook an appropriate amount of food for the number of people in your party. Yes, leftovers are fantastic, but it only works when you actually eat them. With all the people who will be going hungry this Thanksgiving Day, let's prepare only what we need. Better yet, why not volunteer at a local shelter and serve meals to those in need? Or, think about donating your leftovers to a shelter that can give them to someone who would gladly eat them.

We have so much to be thankful for. Let's show our thanks by not wasting food and by lending a helping hand this year. God has made us all stewards of the many provisions He has blessed us with, so let's try out best not to waste what He has given us.

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