Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Haitian Adventure: Bonus photos

Here are some more photos that I took with my phone in Haiti.  Enjoy!

We passed this church on our drive from Bohoc to Port-au-Prince.  SO lovely.
 The sunsets were always AH-mazing.
 This is a "gas station" in Bohoc.  When you need gas, you just call out to the person in the house.  He/she comes out, and you give them money for the gas you need.  Not sure that would go over so well in the States.
 It's a jungle out there...
 This was one of our more interesting meals.  
 One of the boys at Matthew 28 is a very talented artist.  I bought this piece at the HAFF gift shop.  I wish we could buy more of his art.  
Check out this footage I shot while we were driving along the coast.  This part of Haiti is absolutely beautiful!

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