Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unsolved Mystery #1

Why is it that we get SO excited when a movie we own is on TV? I can't explain the thrill I get when I turn on the TV only to find out that a movie I own and love is playing that day. Why is this? I could just as easily watch the DVD and play/pause/stop at my leisure. Yet, it seems to be much more exciting when one of my movies is on TV. Why is this? We even go as far as sitting down in the middle of a movie when it is on TV instead of playing the DVD from the beginning. It is not just movies either...I constantly watch reruns of Sex and the City on TV even though I own every season. It is quite sick if you ask me.

The other night I came home from dinner with friends (thank you Nuevo Laredo for being nothing short of sensational and for providing me with the BEST Mexican food in all of Atlanta) only to find out that Love Actually was playing. It was my lucky night!!! One of my favorite holiday movies that I watch at least once a month was on TV. BRAVO even played it twice in a row in case I missed the beginning...which I did but made sure to stay up until 1:00 AM, so I could see it. What is wrong with me? To make sure I had not completely lost my mind (this is an ongoing issue), I asked one of my friends about this topic. Sure enough she too also gets extremely excited when a movie she owns is playing on TV. She has nearly every movie ever made, so this happens quite often for her. She even watched Love Actually the same night I did.

I am now wondering if this is a girl thing, or if men do this too. Do you jump for joy when The Godfather is on? Do you feel lucky when The Sopranos is on yet again? Or, are we all just lazy and would prefer to surf the channels with our fingers crossed hoping that our favorite show or movie is on instead of getting up to put the DVD in?

Bienvenue to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! As an effort to release some of the creative energy that remains bottled up inside of me, I have decided to start a blog. If you enjoy my writing, fantastic! If not, that's okay too because I am doing this for myself. A LOT of crazy stuff goes on in my life, and it is about time that I start writing about it. I will be writing about anything and everything...religion to politics to celebrity dirt. I hope you enjoy my words. May you find your own outlet to be inspired.