Wednesday, September 28, 2011

There's a new sheriff in town

My first day at work went SO well!  I absolutely love my new job and am incredibly blessed for this amazing opportunity.  Watch out world-there's a new sheriff in town.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to school

I'm starting a new job tomorrow and feel like it's the first day of school.  Since I lost my job back in May, I've been "off" all summer.  I've kept busy with trips to Italy and Haiti and a LOT of babysitting.  As I get ready for my first day on the new job tomorrow, I can't help but feel a bit of anticipation, nervousness, and excitement.  What do I wear?  (typically an easy and fun question for me)  Should I bring a lunch or just hope for a chance to go out and grab something?  Do I ask every question I have or play it cool?  Needless to say, I am very excited for this new opportunity and feel incredibly blessed to have it.  Stay tuned...

Monday, September 26, 2011

To print or not to print, that is the question

As I get ready to start my new job (more about that soon), I have to remind myself to be very conservative when printing.  With email being the main communication method these days, I don't see the need to constantly print out everything.  Try going green by only printing something when you absolutely need to.  Consider printing on both sides of the paper and printing in black and white (color hues are typically more toxic).  You can also use the other side as scratch paper.  Don't forget to recycle your paper as well.  Since the average U.S. office worker uses *10,000* sheets of paper per year, please keep this in mind when you click Print.  

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 1st Day of Fall!

Fall is FINALLY here!  I am beyond thrilled and can't wait for the weather to cool down again.  I wore boots for the first time (since spring) last weekend, and it was thrilling.  We all know I absolutely love fall-go here and here to see.  What is your favorite thing about fall?  Enjoy the season!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Power down

Instead of leaving your computer up and running every day, consider going green by shutting it down at the end of the day.  Unless your company is going to install updates on it overnight, there is no need to leave it turned on all night.  Change the settings to make the computer "sleep" during short breaks and make sure to power it down when you're done for the day.  Remember, screen savers don't actually save any power.  There's just no need to waste electricity on something like this.  Go one step further by turning off the power strip and any lights in your office as well.  At EVERY company I've worked, people try to appear to always be working be leaving their lights on all the time.  First of all, this is just silly and stupid.  We all know when someone isn't there!  And, it is a complete waste of electricity.  Make sure to turn off anything that has an on/off switch in addition to unplugging things like cell phone chargers from the wall. They call these items vampire appliances for a reason ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

And the Emmy goes to...

My favorite time of year started last night-award season!  I live for award season like some people live for fantasy football.  Or baseball season.  Or March Madness.  You get the point.  I absolutely LOVE the glitz and glam of the red carpet coupled with the anticipation of who will win each award.  Jane Lynch hosted the Emmy's last night, and she was fabulous.  She looked great, was appropriately funny, and seemed very confident.  Job well done!

I was slightly underwhelmed with last night's fashions, but here are my top picks.  The Emmy for best dressed goes to:
Lea Michele!  She stunned us all in her gorgeous fiery red Marchesa gown.  The back of her dress was to die for!  Ms. Michele has become a style icon over the past year or so.  I look forward to seeing what she wears next.  Click here and here to see her past award-winning looks.
Sofia Vergara rocked the red carpet in an assymetrical Vera Wang gown.  It doesn't take much to make her look sexy.  
Modern Family's Sarah Hyland looked very grown up and gorgeous in her custom Christian Siriano gown that she says she helped design.  Congratulations to the cast and crew of Modern Family who took home a ton of awards.  Funniest comedy on air right now!
An honorable mention goes to the always lovely Cat Deeley for her Monique Lhuillier gown.  Well done Cat!
Who do you think was best dressed?  Worst dressed?  Do tell.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

NYFW Fall 2011

Did any of you get to attend New York Fashion Week?  It's a dream of mine to go one day, and it WILL happen.  Here are a few looks from NYFW.  Enjoy!
 Bright orange seemed to be THE color of S/S 2012.  
I bet it will be Pantone's Color of 2012.

 Patterned nails are quite the rage these days-as seen at Nicole Miller.

 One shouldered dresses were all over the runway.  
I have sported this look since high school, so I am sold.

 This look is from an ad for the Karen Elson for Nine West collection.
LOVE her fun, retro, playful look.  Ms. Elson always rocks.

Voila la piece de resistance chez Zac Posen.
This dress is everything.  I can see Rachel Bilson in it.

What were your favorite looks from NYFW?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Light bulb moment

I saw these amazing light bulb candles on last week.  GORGEOUS!  You can buy them here.  Here's to many more light bulb moments for all of us!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target, oh MY!

So, I've been waiting for today for many months now.  The Missoni for Target line hit stores.  I showed up at 7:45 AM (my store opens at 8:00 AM) and was shocked to see that there were already about 15 people waiting in line.  WOW!
I knew this launch would be huge, but I had no idea that SO many people were also anxiously waiting to see it.  Good thing I wore workout clothes and tennis shoes because I literally RAN through the store to see everything.  It was like Christmas morning...if you do Christmas at Target that is.  The line is absolutely gorgeous!  The quality of the items is amazing.  Target's Web site actually crashed early this morning (and is STILL down) because so many people were trying to place orders online.  Oh, to be a member of the Missoni clan right now...

If you aren't familiar with the line, check out this great video:  

One of favorite items is this platter.  I can't wait to debut it this weekend!
If you scored this blanket, I will buy it from you.  Seriously...if you have it and decide you don't want it, PLEASE contact me.  I'm obsessed with it and need to have it for my living room pronto!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The best part of waking up

Are you a daily coffee drinker?  Who isn't these days?  I'm not, but I used to be.  I decided to quit drinking caffeine over three years ago to see if it helped my insomnia.  I still crave coffee a LOT and occasionally drink decaf.  If you do drink coffee each day, consider going green by buying fair trade and/or eco-friendly coffee.  The purpose of fair trade is to 
promote healthier working conditions and greater economic incentive for producers.  You want to look for brands that don't slash rain forests where they grow coffee and don't exploit workers.  Not sure which kind to buy?  Check out this article for some recommendations from five coffee industry experts.  Happy sipping!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/01: We will never forget

On the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, I hope the victim's loved ones know that we will never, ever forget.  We lift up their loved ones in prayer today.  We also say a prayer of thanks for the incredibly brave servicemen and women, law enforcement officers, and other government officials who work tirelessly to protect us.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  May all of the victims from 9/11/01 rest in peace.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer flowers

Since fall is upon us, I wanted to post these beautiful photos my very talented Aunt Sheri took earlier this summer.  She lives in Michigan in a lovely home in the country and snapped these pictures of some of the flowers in her yard.  Wow!  I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Fashion Night Out!

Always a style icon...the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker celebrates the London premiere of the first Sex and the City movie in 2008.  Her dress (by the late Alexandler McQueen) and cocktail hat (by the extremely talented Philip Treacy) are quite memorable.  Happy Fashion Night Out lovelies!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspiration (or lack thereof)

I need to apologize for the lack of quality posts over the past few months.  It's been a rough summer, and I haven't felt particularly inspired lately.  I hate that I feel this way because I am usually quite easily inspired.  A quick walk with Georgia, a trip to the store, or reading my favorite book can make my thoughts race with anticipation, joy, and excitement.  I'm ready for some changes in my life...a new job, a new city, a new something.  Thank goodness that summer is on its way out because I am also ready for a change in this horribly hot, humid weather we've been experiencing in Georgia since April.  Change is on the horizon, and I am ready.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September!

Happy September dolls!  
Here's to wearing boots as soon as the weather is cool enough.
So, for us Georgia peeps, that should be in about 6 weeks :(
Boots are my favorite shoes to wear EVER, so I am pumped.
 School is back in session, so here's to cute, nerdy boys everywhere.
 September 25th marks the return of one of my FAVORITE shows, Gossip Girl!
Here's to you Blair & Chuck...may your deceitful nature bring you back together before Blair marries the Prince.
What are your favorite things about September?