Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Power down

Instead of leaving your computer up and running every day, consider going green by shutting it down at the end of the day.  Unless your company is going to install updates on it overnight, there is no need to leave it turned on all night.  Change the settings to make the computer "sleep" during short breaks and make sure to power it down when you're done for the day.  Remember, screen savers don't actually save any power.  There's just no need to waste electricity on something like this.  Go one step further by turning off the power strip and any lights in your office as well.  At EVERY company I've worked, people try to appear to always be working be leaving their lights on all the time.  First of all, this is just silly and stupid.  We all know when someone isn't there!  And, it is a complete waste of electricity.  Make sure to turn off anything that has an on/off switch in addition to unplugging things like cell phone chargers from the wall. They call these items vampire appliances for a reason ;)

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