Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target, oh MY!

So, I've been waiting for today for many months now.  The Missoni for Target line hit stores.  I showed up at 7:45 AM (my store opens at 8:00 AM) and was shocked to see that there were already about 15 people waiting in line.  WOW!
I knew this launch would be huge, but I had no idea that SO many people were also anxiously waiting to see it.  Good thing I wore workout clothes and tennis shoes because I literally RAN through the store to see everything.  It was like Christmas morning...if you do Christmas at Target that is.  The line is absolutely gorgeous!  The quality of the items is amazing.  Target's Web site actually crashed early this morning (and is STILL down) because so many people were trying to place orders online.  Oh, to be a member of the Missoni clan right now...

If you aren't familiar with the line, check out this great video: http://youtu.be/mwqFCax7iUg.  

One of favorite items is this platter.  I can't wait to debut it this weekend!
If you scored this blanket, I will buy it from you.  Seriously...if you have it and decide you don't want it, PLEASE contact me.  I'm obsessed with it and need to have it for my living room pronto!


Molly Marler said...

Oh honey I FEEL you!!! Will be hunting the ends of the earth for that blanket; it's literally THE thing I wanted. Sigh...it was nuts here in LA, too! Fights & everything! Hilarious. Good luck lovey!

Mary Ann said...

Haha, I went to the Roswell target around 3 pm and it was almost sold out. Oddly, the one shirt I liked...they actually had in the store AND in my size. I snatched it up.