Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Phrases

The top 5 phrases I love hearing/seeing the most are as follows (in this order):

1) Happy Hour Specials: Man, oh man, do I love a good happy hour. In fact, I've never met a happy hour I didn't like.
2) All you can eat: While the thought of the germs that run rampant on buffets is enough to send me running, the words all you can eat make my mouth water. I typically only partake in buffets at weddings...I guess I feel like I usually know these people, and their germs are "cleaner" than stranger's germs. Strange logic, I know, but it makes sense in my head.
3) Buy One, Get One Free: I love reading this! Even more so when it's used in conjunction with happy hour specials. Score!
4) Ladies get in free: I am a lady, so, why should I have to pay to get in somewhere? Women have to deal with all sorts of crazy things on a daily basis, so I think we should get into clubs for free. Let's face it, straight guys probably wouldn't go to bars/clubs if no girls were there. So, we should get in free-which is why I refuse to pay a cover charge.
5) 24/7: Even though I don't stay out as late as I used to, I love it when places are open all night. Sometimes you really need a taco, hash browns, and french fries at 4:00 AM people.

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