Monday, September 20, 2010

Used but not abused

Looking to purchase a new appliance, gadget, or other item?  Why not go green and consider buying something used?  My friends and I move all the time, and I know a lot of them sell their gently used items on Craigslist.  If people that I know and trust are selling their quality items online, I'm sure others are as well.

While still working 1/2 mile from my condo earlier this year, I wanted to buy a bike, so I could bike to work each day.  I had not owned a bike since I was about 12, so I decided that I wanted to buy a used bike.  I looked on Craigslist and was thrilled by how many great looking bikes were listed for very reasonable prices.  Unfortunately, the company downsized before I was able to ever bike to work, but the idea made me think. 

If you are trying out a new item (or one from the past that you might not love anymore), why buy something brand new?  You can probably find the same type of item used for a MUCH cheaper price.  Especially with the economy in its current state, many people are selling brand new or gently used items such as treadmills, bikes, and cameras because they don't use them and need the extra money.  Before you rush to the store to buy something like this new, do some research online to see what you can find.  Let me know what you find!

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Mary Ann said...

My washer/dryer - used, delivered and installed, $250!