Saturday, May 21, 2011

A cut above the rest

Tired of paying a ton of money for a simple trim? Look no further than the Aveda Institute. Haircuts are just $15! I went on Wednesday and had a wonderful experience. Your stylist is a student at the Aveda Institute, a 12-month program that trains students in the Aveda style.

My stylist was Tai Carter, and she did a great job (see pictures above). She was friendly, professional, and talented. Her supervisor Beth made sure she was doing everything correctly which put me at ease. Since it is an additional $18 for the stylist to use a curling iron or flat iron when they style your hair, Tai used a round brush to blow my hair dry. Then, she used pins to curl my hair. At first, I looked like Martha Washington while I waited for the curls to set. However, the end result was beautiful, smooth curls. I was blown away (pun intended) at the finished product.

Go see Tai today. She is a cut above the rest.

For more information on the Aveda Institute, go to or call 404-649-7119.

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Mary Ann said...

Looks great Elizabeth! I always pincurl mine!