Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear John

As some of you know, I was recently laid off from my job. It came as quite a shock to me despite the current state of the economy. That being said, here is my "Dear John" letter to all of the employers I have ever had.

Dear John,

Greetings from Planet Elle. I hope this finds you well, although I doubt that it does. You no longer have me as your employee and have most likely crawled under your desk to assume the fetal position until another fun-loving, fashionable, and creative type comes along. Planet Elle is a lovely place where I get to sleep in, take long walks with my dog, and work out as much (or as little) as I want to. The colors are brighter, the air is fresher, and my step is signficantly lighter. I do what I want to do when I want to do it, and the only person I have to answer to is God. I am the CEO, Commander in Chief, and Senior Vice President of Social Activities on Planet Elle. (Georgia will replace me for all aforementioned titles in the event that I have to return to Earth AKA Corporate America to resume my role as the low woman on the totem pole.)

While living on Planet Elle is nothing short of magical, my bills and rent must still be paid. I know that I have to return to Earth at some point and hope to do so with a company I respect and hold dear to my heart. My recent departure from my last employer was not a slap in my face-it was the exact opposite. It was the push I needed to find something I am passionate about...a job that captures who I am and what I believe in. I long to go to work each day excited to do my job because I truly care about what I am doing. I realize that in this economy I might have to take a job that I don't like, but dreams are always encouraged on Planet Elle. That's why I love it here :)

Since entering the working world about 6 years ago, I have always felt like I was a bird being held captive by my wings by my employer du jour. I yearned to break free but was never allowed to do so. At my most recent vocation, I at least was given a small cage to fly around in. Eight days ago I got to fly out of my cage where I flew all the way home. I felt as light as a hummingbird and as powerful as an eagle. I have been given the chance to finally do something that I want to do. It might not be anytime soon, but it will happen. I am fiercely determined to make some pretty amazing lemonade out of some pretty lousy lemons. It might not be the best time to make lemonade, but all things are possible with God on my side and my personal drive to succeed.

For now, I am contuining to float around Planet Elle without a care in the world. I know that I will be forced to return to Earth in the near future. Or at least I know I have to since someone has to pay for this incredible planet's existence. Until then, I am stopping to smell the roses and enjoying all things that are free. I am marveling in a sunny afternoon at the dog park with Georgia and a night of watching movies at home. Phone calls with friends and time spent with family have taken on a whole new meaning.

So, dear John, I want to thank you. This former flightless bird has finally flown off to a much better and more lovely place. I am soaring along with God and Georgia by my side.

With love,


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