Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear all stylists...

Dear all stylists who will be cutting my hair in the future,

You don't know me yet, but I assure you we will become either great friends or even greater enemies.  If you screw up my hair when you cut it, my friends and family will have to listen to me complain about it for months on end...and no one wants to hear about my hair anymore.  The easy solution to ensure this never happens again is to simply LISTEN to what I say and DO IT. 

If I ask for a trim, you are under strict order to cut no more than 1 inch from my hair.  You see, I spend months growing my hair out, and I get extremely angry when you cut more than 1 inch off my hair.  It makes all my patience and careful treatment of my hair seem pointless.  Doing this is an easy way to make me really dislike you.

If I ask for subtle layers, do not cut my hair in two distinct lengths.  My hair is extremely thick and curly, and all it takes is some bad layers to really screw it up and make me look like Medusa. 

The only time that you are allowed to disagree with me about how to cut my hair is if I ask you to cut it really short.  My hair needs to be longer, so don't let me cut it all off even though it is 98 degrees outside, and I am melting.  That's why God invented ponytails.

One more thing, if I am paying you to cut my hair, you better blow dry it straight.  I don't care if you have someone waiting, they can wait.  One of the perks of going to a nice salon is having a salon blowout. 

Are we on the same page?  The happiness of my circle of trust depends on it, so we better be.

Yours truly,



Big Apple Angie said...

Preach on, sista!

Sara said...

i have very bad feelings toward a stylist here in Jackson. She still cuts Chuck's hair, but I do so wish that none of our money was going to her. She razor cut my hair when I asked her not to and she thinned our my whole head when I only asked for a specific thicker section of hair to be thinned. Ended up getting my hair cut short because of her bad cut. grrrr.