Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas friends!

I rounded up some fun Christmas pictures to share with you.
I'm in LOVE with the decor in this room: 
the tree, the shagadelic rug, the fireplace-DIE for it!
 Who doesn't love Christmas cookies? 
They're my favorite.  If you have extras, 
I will take them off your hands ;)
 LOVING this chic red and white decor-the hanging decs are amaze!
Hope there's a place setting for me.
 I admire the traditional stockings and mantle-
not my style but very lovely.
 This pink tree is AWESOME!  
I want to go to a Christmas party at this person's house.  
You know it would be a good time.
 Joyeux Noel mes amis!  I WILL do Christmas in Paris one year.
 Another party I'd like to attend
-LOVING the metallic theme and au naturale decor.
 This picture says it all-
a non-traditional tree, fun shoes, and a dog in a pink tutu.
I'm sure Christmas at their house is LOTS of fun!
I'm taking a few days off from my blog and will be back sometime next week.
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones.
If you can't be with family and/or friends this year, 
God is always with you and loves you immensely.
Merry Christmas friends!

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