Monday, August 9, 2010

The real green party

As the fall approaches, many of us will be hosting and/or attending countless events including bridal showers, engagement parties, and of course tailgating parties.  Make sure to go green by not throwing away your leftover party items.  I co-hosted a bridal shower for a friend this weekend with another friend who travels for her job.  She left for 2 weeks yesterday, so I took all of the perishable items home with me.  I mean, why waste perfectly good food, wine, and flowers right? 

Another great way to go green at your wedding is to designate a person/group of people who will donate any leftover food, drinks, and flower arrangements to a homeless shelter, nursing home, and/or hospital.  It kills me to know that perfectly good food gets thrown away ALL the time at events when someone else would be more than happy to eat your leftover filet and crab cakes.  You paid for it, so why let it go to waste?  Brighten some one's day with the beautiful flowers from your wedding.  Let's pay it forward people. 

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