Friday, June 5, 2009

One by One

As many of you know, I recently lead a mission trip to Cape Town, South Africa. What an amazing experience! Having gone on a mission trip to Cape Town last year, I was extremely excited to see how God has been working in the lives of my South African friends over the past year. Like my experience last year, it was a blessing and an honor to serve the Lord in a beautiful country filled with the most lovely people I have ever known.

While I was in Cape Town last year, I had the privilege of meeting James and Janet Senior and their family. They moved from England to Cape Town about five years ago to start Metro Kids Africa ( Their goal and vision is to reach out to the children in the townships of Cape Town to transform their lives with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. James and Janet are amazing people, and they work tirelessly for their cause.

Part of Metro Kids Africa (MKA) is the One by One program. This program matches a child who attends MKA on a regular basis with an adult who becomes their pen pal. With just a $20 donation per month, this program helps keep MKA running (they hold weekly Sidewalk Sunday School events at all of their locations) and ensures a weekly visit with a staff member from MKA. I signed up as soon as I got home from Cape Town last year and have a pen pal named Inam (pictured above on my right).

While in Cape Town last month, I had the opportunity to meet Inam. She did not speak English very well and had a difficult time understanding me because of my "funny accent," but I would like to think that she enjoyed the visit as much as I did. God is at work in Cape Town. He wants to see His children there grow, prosper, and live their lives for Him.

I know that times are tough right now, and that money is tight. I encourage you to pray about how God might use you to transform a child's life in Cape Town...a child who might not have much of a chance without God's amazing grace, love, and mercy. If you feel lead, please contact me or James and Janet (via to either donate to MKA or sign up for a pen pal. I promise you that your life will also be changed as you help further God's magnificent kingdom. Mag God met julle wees.

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