Monday, August 30, 2010

Drop it like it's hot

Looking for a way to save money each day?  Consider going green by making coffee at home instead of going out to get it.  People pay an average of $3.50 for coffee out when they could spend around $0.15/cup to make it at home.  You can save over $1,000/year by making coffee at home.  This is crazy town people!

With a seemingly endless variety of coffee makers on the market, invest in one that suits your individual tastes.  You can buy one that brews just one cup at a time, or you can go big and buy that fancy espresso maker you have always wanted.  If flavored coffee drinks are your thing, buy some syrups and/or creamers to add to your coffee.  I am constantly amazed at the many types of creamers that are available right now-anything from Spiced Pumpkin to Irish Cream.  If you like iced coffee, you can absolutely make this at home too.  Get wild and see what happens. 

I guarantee you that you will also save time (and gas) by making coffee at home.  A lot of people have their coffee maker set on a timer, so they don't even have to think about it in the morning.  As a former daily coffee drinker, (I chose to give up all caffeine, yes ALL of it 2.5 years ago due to chronic insomnia) I completely miss and understand the ritual of drinking coffee each morning.  All you have to do is transfer this ritual to your home instead of going out to get coffee.  Imagine getting ready and breathing in the smell of freshly brewed coffee...heaven. 

Don't get me wrong here; I absolutely think you should treat yourself every now and then by going to your favorite coffee shop.  If you are someone who insists on getting coffee out every day, remember the amount of money you could be saving by making it at home.  That trip to Europe or a new fall wardrobe could be in reach if you make this wise choice.  Otherwise, the only trip you might be going on is one that starts with "S" and rhymes with Starbucks. 

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