Monday, August 2, 2010

DVD swap

Instead of buying every new movie that comes out, why not go green and do a DVD swap with your friends?  When a movie comes out on DVD that you and your friends all want to buy, pick one person to buy it, and then pass the movie around.  How often do you really watch your DVDs anyways?  I know that some movies are all-time favorites, so you should definitely buy the ones you can't live without.  But, if it's a movie that you will probably only watch again once or twice, start swapping now.  This will save you and your friends money and is much more environmentally friendly. 

A DVD swap works really well with TV shows since I think most people are less likely to watch an entire series of a TV show over and over again.  Unless you are me...Gossip Girl and Sex and the City are on permanent rotation in my DVD player.  Swaps also work well with books, magazines, and CDs.  Happy swapping!

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