Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Haitian Adventure: Part 2

I hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of my trip to Haiti.  Here are some more photos and stories about my time there.

Since the Holy Roller was on its' last leg, we had to use this truck for one day. It made our previous vehicle seem like a stretch limo.
One of my most memorable days of the trip was having the opportunity to speak at a youth seminar on temptation at HAFF (Haitian American Friendship Foundation).  I got to share my testimony and some words of encouragement, and it was quite humbling.  I never thought that I would be speaking to youth about resisting temptation...something with which I have always struggled, especially in my younger days.  God is incredibly amazing, isn't He?  I truly believe that He harnesses our mistakes, failures, and lessons learned for His glory, so that we can help and teach others.  
After I shared my story, this young man (Dameus) had the courage to share his testimony.  I will always think of him especially when I struggle to do the right thing.  I'm pretty sure that I got MUCH more out of the seminar than the attendees did.  
Despite having been on an island for a week, I was starting to feel very landlocked since we had not seen the ocean yet (except from the plane).  Words cannot express how excited we were to finally see the water on our drive back to Port-au-Prince.  It is gorgeous!  After a week of sweating, we were ready to jump right in but had to keep driving.  
Some of the ladies from my team standing with Tompy, our Haitian staff member.  Tompy is THE man.  Seriously, he seemed to know every single person in Haiti.  He is one of the fastest, craziest drivers I have ever known-he would do just fine in Atlanta traffic.
After a VERY long trip, we were finally back in Port-au-Prince.  It is different than Bohoc in every way imaginable.  
Even though it's been over 18 months since the earthquake, there is still a lot of devastation.  There simply aren't enough funds to even begin to repair everything.
I loved seeing flowers growing in random places throughout the city.  They seemed so hopeful and full of promise.  
The presidential palace took some very heavy hits in the earthquake.  I can't believe that it is still standing.  

Overall, going to Haiti was an incredible experience.  To borrow the wise words of my father, I am confident that I received more than I gave and learned more than I taught.  Thank you for being a part of my journey.  

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