Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Italian Holiday: Bonus footage

While we were in Sorrento, we stumbled upon a wedding at the beautiful church pictured above.  Katie and I had JUST been talking about songs in weddings.  She and my brother had very unique, non-traditional music in their wedding, and we both agreed that we love when couples think outside the box for wedding music.  I had told her that I definitely want to walk down the aisle (one day-not any time soon!) to an acoustic version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

We were awestruck when we walked up to the church and heard the live band playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow!"  I instantly got chills...it's just such a beautiful, dreamy song.  I could not believe they were playing it when we had JUST been talking about it.  I didn't think to record it until the end of the song, but here is the short video I took.
I will never forget that moment...such a lovely memory.  I could feel God smiling down on me.

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