Friday, December 30, 2011

Golden Birthday!

"To remain hopeful, kind, curious, and inspired-this, is to triumph over age."

Many of you know that tomorrow is my birthday-I'll be turning 31 on December 31st, my Golden Birthday.  While I know that 31 isn't 21 (thank goodness!), I know that I am still very young.  God willing, I have many years ahead of me to see amazing sights, to love and help others, and to pursue my dreams.  Not everyone has that chance, so I feel blessed to be turning 31.  The average life expectancy in Haiti is 31-anytime I worry about not being a spring chicken anymore, I think about this and feel blessed to keep celebrating birthdays.  In honor of the countless people who never got to celebrate their 31st birthday, I am incredibly blessed and honored.  Make the most of every year, every day, and every minute.  Cheers!

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Molly Marler said...

Happy Birthday, Darling girl!!! You are such a gorgeous person, and I hope your year is full of more awesome opportunities, blessings & love! Live it up, sister. xo