Friday, November 6, 2009

Get Fat menu

I went to a certain Mexican cantina on the corner of Piedmont and Roswell last night for dinner with my girlfriends last night. This place serves up the most amazing nachos ever, and I had been looking forward to eating them all week. The portion they give you is enough for two people, but I like to tackle them myself. I don't like to think about the massive amount of calories I intake when I eat this good is meant to be enjoyed.

I dreamed of said nachos all during my Pilates class yesterday and could not wait to get to the restaurant. After waiting forever for a table, we were finally seated. I didn't need to look at the new "Get Fit" menu...I knew exactly what I wanted. My mouth watered as I placed my order. Visions of cheesy deliciousness danced in my head. Our young, inexperienced waitress brought out our food, and we all munched away happily.

Needless to say, I did not eat all of the nachos, but I put a rather large dent in them. I mean, come on, I only eat them every few months, and I have eaten healthy ALL week. When our young, sassy server came up to clear our plates, she had the audacity to ask me the following question. "Wow! Did you eat all of those yourself?!?" I stared at her in disbelief and then started laughing. Luckily enough for her she caught me in a good food as I was in the beginning stages of a lovely food coma induced by my nachos. I found something sweet and polite to say to excuse her tacky question. My friends and I laughed it all off, but we were all quite shocked by her rather rude inquiry. Who does she think she is? Does she think this will earn her a good tip? While I am confident enough in myself to not care about this little transaction, I still can't believe she had the guts to ask me this. If I want to consume 1,000+ calories in one meal, that is my choice. Leave me alone little day you will be 28 and in need of a large serving of nachos after a particularly stressful week.

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