Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roses are red

There's something about seeing a man at a grocery store buying flowers that just makes me smile. It's usually just after work, and they always seem to be in a hurry. But, they always looks fairly happy with a look of hope in their eyes. I tend to wonder what the flowers are for...was there a fight? Are they just because? Is it some one's birthday or anniversary? I really like it when I see a man buying flowers, wine, and some sort of guy! Throw in a movie and some takeout, and he is good to go for months.

The type of flowers these men buy always interests me as well. Many stick to a traditional bouquet of roses, while others will branch out and get lilies or something different. This also makes me think: are roses his wife or girlfriend's favorite flower, or does he have no idea? Did he bring her red roses on their first date and wants to re-create the memory?

I guess I could think about all of these things for hours since despite how much I have been trying to ignore it lately, I am and will always be a hopeless romantic. The idea of a man bringing me flowers after a long day of work makes me giggle and smile. I guess I see these men at the store, and the hopeful side of me knows that one day there will be a man who is there to buy me flowers. And, he will know to buy me purple roses.

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