Monday, November 9, 2009

Take out tip

Today's go green tip centers around one of my favorite things in life-food! When you order something to go from a restaurant, tell them that you don't need a bag. If you really do need one, then by all means, take one. However, if you just take the bag because they hand it to you, then don't. For example, Chipotle (burrito bowl...yum :) automatically puts your order in a large paper bag. Since you really don't need a bag, just carry the container in your hand. You still get to feast on your delicious meal while saving a bag.

Also, if you normally grab a large handful of napkins, just take a few. No need to waste what you don't need. This also goes for ketchup, plastic ware, straws, etc. Now I know that a lot of places (like my beloved Aqua Bistro) have your order waiting for you tied up nicely in a plastic bag. I just re-use the bag for a doggie waste bag, trash can liner, you name it. It would be great if we could send a message to all of the restaurants out there that all of this excess packaging is unnecessary and wasteful.

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PamAnn said...

AMEN!!! LOVE your go green tips and LOVE how hanging out with already improves my own go green-ness! ;) Thanks Elle for doing your part and then some!! :) Love you!