Monday, January 11, 2010

Get your swap on

Tired of your wardrobe but unable or unwilling to buy all new clothes? Go green and hold a clothing and accessories swap. Having attended one before, I can vouch that they are a lot of fun. All you have to do is get together with a group of friends and tell everyone to bring any gently used clothing, accessories, home decor, etc. The host will hand out tickets for each item you bring, and then you get to use your tickets to "purchase" other people's items. It's a win-win situation because you get to clean out your closet AND bring home new items...all at no cost to you.

Make the evening even more fun by having each person bring some food or a bottle of wine. You could give an extra ticket or two to the person who brings the greenest food/snack. All leftover items can be donated to charity. This idea is not new by any means, but I am starting to hear more about people doing this type of event. I love it! One person's "trash" could be another person's next favorite treasure. Now get ready to get your swap on!
(photo courtesy of Jan Stromme/Getty Images)

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