Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If I ruled the world...

If I ruled the world, here are the Top 10 laws I would enforce and/or issues I would fix. (Keep in mind that this is just for fun and is not serious in nature.)
1) Women who are 5'6 and shorter must date men who are less than 6'0 tall. Let's save the 6'0+ men for the tall ladies.
2) People (from my experiences, this mostly applies to men) who work out in Crocs, khaki shorts, jeans, etc will be banned from the gym. Every gym has this in the rules, yet I see people all the time working out in said illegal apparel.
3) Clear deodorant would really be clear...enough said.
4) Tables at events would magically accommodate an uneven number of people if someone doesn't bring a date. There's just no need to make that person the odd man (or woman) out.
5) No voicemail=no return phone call. My personal policy is that I will only call you back if you leave a message as to why you are calling. The only exception is if we have plans, and we are trying to arrange said plans.
6) Guys that take girls out on dates and then never call them to offer some sort of explanation really do have to go to a faraway place such as a farm or deserted island...instead of making frequent appearances at the gym, church, Facebook, etc. This just makes girls wonder what went wrong-MAN UP!!!
7) Pizza, cheese dip, and chocolate will have neither any calories nor any fat.
8) All the smart, fabulous, amazing single ladies I know will find true love.
9) The US will finally adapt to a more European way of life-more naps, fewer working hours, better vacation policies.
10) Teachers, social workers, and caretakers (of the elderly and the disabled) will be paid for the amazing work they do, and how much they contribute to our society. Professional athletes, actors, and other occupations of this nature will take a pay cut to cover the difference.
If you don't like my rules and policies, too bad! Start a blog and decide how you would rule the world.

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genicot said...

i'm loving your rules!!! i think i might have to adopt some myself! :)