Monday, March 15, 2010

Movin on up

Today's go green tip is all about moving. Opting for reusable plastic storage bins in lieu of boxes is a great start. These have been my life saver over the years as I move a lot. You can easily stack them up when they are empty and when they are full. Plus, you can use them over and over again...I have yet to have one give out on me. Another idea is to save the packing materials you use instead of buying more each time. I always save the packing materials I get when I order stuff online-it's easy and free. I realize that you need some sort of storage space to keep all of this stuff. If you have the extra room, there's really no need to keep buying and throwing away perfectly good boxes/bins. Cardboard boxes break down quite easily, so save them if you can.

If you use a car or van to move your stuff instead of a moving van, make less trips by filling it up to capacity. If you use a moving van, try to make an educated guess as to what size you get instead of just guessing and ending up with an enormous van that is only half full. It will cost you more money, and it is worse for the environment. These easy steps can save you money AND help the environment. What's not to love about that?

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