Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New York State of Mind

I think I am still on a high from my recent trip to New York last week...this city is my playground, and I enjoyed every minute there. My dear friend Jennifer came with me which made the trip even more special and fun. Here is a recap of our adventures.

Jenn and I landed on Wednesday and took a cab to my friend Hattie's office to drop off our bags. Then we walked a few blocks to Cheap Jack's ( to check out their vintage finds. Jenn scored a muted orange slip inspired top, and I picked up a fantastic polka dot dress from the 80s. I'm not sure that Cheap Jack's should be the name of the store; I think just Jack's would be more appropriate. Next, we walked over to Shake Shack ( for a delicious lunch in Madison Square Park. I enjoyed a portabella veggie burger, and Jenn and I shared fries and a caramel shake. The shake was ah-mazing! I highly recommend this fun spot to grab a quick bite in the park.

We headed to H&M for some more shopping and then to Brooklyn to Hattie's apartment. After resting for a few hours, we headed out to dinner at Pacifico ( It was a decent Mexican meal for a reasonable price. Then, we met our friend Tiffany at Deity ( for some underground salsa dancing. While the dance floor was a bit small, the music was pumping, and the atmosphere was quite unique. Deity is a former synagogue that has been converted into a bar with an underground dance club. Not very Kosher if you ask me, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

We went to breakfast with Hattie on Thursday and then spent all day shopping. The highlight of my day was finally getting to go to Topshop since it opened a month or two after my last visit to NY. Next, we headed back to Brooklyn to check out a few shops we read about online. Neither of us had ever been to Brooklyn before, and we both really loved the Williamsburg area. I found a great cross-body bag at Jane's Closet ( We enjoyed some amazing pizza and then went back to Hattie's for some R & R before dinner. That night we dined at DBGB ( which was absolutely fantastic. Jenn and I agreed that it was the highlight of our trip. We sat two tables away from Nigel Barker, and Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber sat behind us. The food and drinks were amazing, and we didn't leave until almost 12:30 AM. C'est magnifique!

We headed back to Manhattan on Friday to drop off our bags at the Waldorf and to do some shopping. While waiting on the corner of 5th Avenue and Madison for Jenn, I saw Eliott Spitzer. I wanted to punch him in the face as he blatantly checked me out-sorry buddy, your cover is blown! No more young girls for you. We checked out Bendels and then took a stroll through Central Park. Then, we grabbed some lunch at a cozy Italian cafe on the Upper East Side before checking into our room at the Waldorf. It took every ounce of self-control in my body not to skip through the halls of the hotel Eloise-style, but I refrained from doing so. Maybe next time ;)

Jenn and I started off our evening with a quick cocktail at Peacock Alley Bar at the Waldorf. Then, we met my friends Dean and Sean at Sidebar. I had met Dean at a bar in Chelsea last year, and we have stayed in touch thanks to Facebook. Next, we met our friends Raina, Chelsea, and Tiffany at Balade ( in the East Village for a delicious Mediterranean feast. After dinner, Tiff, Jenn, and I headed over to Little Branch ( for some yummy cocktails. This underground speakeasy is somewhat hidden, and I highly recommend going there for a customized cocktail made with fresh squeezed juices and the like. We met some new friends there and ended up heading to Home Sweet Home with them for some 60s music and dancing. My friend Jarrod from high school also met up with us at the bar. It was a very late night, but we had a lot of fun. That's what I love about New have an excellent time and leave with some new friends.

Jenn and I rallied Saturday morning for some breakfast and a quick stop at Crumbs Bake Shop ( where we picked up some cupcakes to go. I picked out Caramel Apple, and Jenn got Peanut Butter Cup. We both agreed that they were the best cupcakes we have EVER had.
All in all, it was an absolutely amazing trip. We didn't have any travel problems, the weather held out, and we had the best time ever. I will never forget the good times we shared, and I look forward to more adventures in my favorite city in the world.

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