Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Record breaker

In light of being laid off two weeks ago (yes, for the second time in 15 months-go to http://cestlaviebyelle.blogspot.com/2009/02/dear-john.html to read some thoughts from last year), I have thought a lot about working and jobs over the past year or so. I spent eight months looking for a job last year, and while it was not the path I would have chosen for myself, I grew tremendously during that time. The way I see it is that a lot of people lose themselves in their jobs. Their only identity is that of their line of work: nurse, teacher, bartender, etc. After some time passes, they become lost in what they do each day. Therefore when they lose their job, they lose a major part of their identity. They don't know who they are apart from their job.

I would like to think that this did not happen to me. While I was extremely upset and shocked when I lost my job last year, I still knew who I was as a person. I picked myself up and moved on. Even though I am quite frustrated to be back in the same place as I was last year, I know that I am not the same person. I learned lessons last year that some people never learn. I grew in ways that I am endlessly thankful for, and I know I will never be the same. Trust me, I wish I was so fortunate to have a job right now, but I still know who I am. I am a strong, independent woman who God created to do great things. I am not scared about the future because I am faithful in God's plan and timing for my life. A good friend of mine reminded me recently that adversity can break people or cause people to break records. I don't know about you, but I'm getting ready to break some records.

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Brett P said...

You absolutely will break records! Your attitude is inspiring.