Wednesday, August 31, 2011


If you haven't heard of TOMS, have you been living under a rock the past five years?  I've enjoyed watching this brand grow and have the utmost respect for its vision.  TOMS gives a child in need a pair of shoes when you buy a pair.  It is that simple.  I don't think I'm alone when I say that you always wonder whether or not this actually happens.  Trust me, TOMS is the real deal.  When I was in Haiti in July, we saw so many kids sporting TOMS.  How cool is that?  Not everyone can afford a pair of shoes, so it was refreshing to watch how one company chose to make a difference and provide this very basic need.  

As TOMS grows, so does its line.  At its inception, TOMS only had one basic style in a handful of colors.  Now, you can get just about any color and TONS of cool styles.  Check out all the fun ways you can wear TOMS in the pictures above.  I don't have any yet, but a red pair is on my F/W '11 wish list.  When I first saw people wearing TOMS around Atlanta, I was not too keen on the style.  Now, I love it.  They are great for running errands, walking the dog, sightseeing, and more.

Do you own a pair of TOMS?  How do you like to wear them?  For more information on TOMS and to view the entire collection, go to  The next time you think about buying someone a gift, consider getting that person a pair of TOMS.  They will get a neat pair of shoes, and a child in need will get their very own pair of shoes to protect their feet and keep them warm.  It doesn't get much better than that.  
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Anonymous said...

I love the concept of what TOMS is doing and I applaud it. I have still never seen a pair of these shoes that I would actually wear. I so wish I thought they were cuter! They just don't appeal to me what so ever.

- Maria said...

OK. Here I go, I never comment but look up the concept and the "Vision" and strategy of Tom's. Where did the shoes come from? And where does Tom's send their shoes to be produced? I may be wrong and God knows I wished I could help these kids and instead of giving 1 "FANCY" pair to a kid, I would supply a whole wardrobe. The normal buyer would pay the $45/$50 that they cost,originally the shoes from Argentina cost about $5 or less a pair. And they have been around for a while in Argentina. So to me it is hard to believe that a product from Argentina was brought into Argentina? Look up Alpargattas - which then the movement went to Uruguay, Brazil.

Please don't be offended I mean no harm nor want to change your belief and faith on the "system" however, as believers we are easy targets to these organizations that "help" kids. I am not doubting Tom's however, with the EXCESS money that goes for each pair of shoes, he should be able to provide at least 3 pairs of shoes to these kids for every pair brought.

TOMS Coupons said...

This post totally makes me want to get some Toms! Not sure where I can find them in my town...but I'll keep my eyes peeled! Love the tiny Toms too! Cute story :)